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Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

For an average golfer, identifying the ideal golf ball that suits their game can be quite challenging.

With an abundance of golf ball options available, it can be perplexing to determine which ones are most suitable for Average Joe. In order to simplify the selection process, we delve into the type of golf ball that best caters to average golfers and recommend noteworthy brands worth trying.

If you’re seeking a swift recommendation, here are our top picks for golfers:

TaylorMade Golf Balls

golf ball

Bridgestone e12 Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf

What Type of Golf Ball is Ideal for the Average Golfer?

Average golfers typically exhibit slow to moderate swing speeds and often struggle with accuracy issues such as slicing and hooking off the tee box. If you fall into this category, here are some key features to consider when selecting a golf ball:

  1. Opt for a softer golf ball over a harder one: Average golfers generally benefit from using a soft golf ball due to its lower compression rating. This feature helps generate decent distance while being easier to hit. Soft golf balls also offer a better feel upon impact, particularly in colder climates, reducing unpleasant vibrations compared to harder alternatives.

  2. Choose a Golf Ball that Minimizes Side Spin: Certain golf balls on the market are specifically designed to reduce sidespin, which contributes to inaccurate slices and hooks. As average golfers often struggle with these directional problems, a ball with lower sidespin can help mitigate the damage caused by mishits.

  3. Select a Golf Ball with Enhanced Greenside Spin: While minimizing sidespin is important, having ample greenside spin is crucial for an average golfer’s short game. Look for a golf ball that provides higher greenside spin, aiding in more precise pitches, chips, and putts.

  4. Opt for a golf ball in the medium price range: Contrary to the notion that more expensive premium golf balls are always superior, the choice depends on each golfer’s swing speed and style. For most average golfers, it is advisable to find a golf ball within the medium price range. While it’s possible to play with expensive balls like the Titleist Pro V1, bear in mind that they are specifically designed for experienced golfers who consistently shoot low scores. With numerous quality options available, there’s no need for average golfers to overspend on golf balls. A reasonable price range to expect is around $20 to $35 per dozen golf balls.

By considering these factors, average golfers can find a golf ball that suits their needs without compromising performance or breaking the bank.

The Best Golf Ball Manufacturers

The golf ball preferences among the top 100 PGA Tour players reveal a concentrated selection from the leading manufacturers:

Golf Ball Manufacturer Percentage of Top 100 PGA Tour Players
Titleist 69%
Callaway 14%
Srixon 7%
TaylorMade 6%
Bridgestone 2%

10 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

1. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls

The Supersoft golf balls have maintained their status as one of the most popular choices among golfers for years. The introduction of the new Hybrid Cover showcases a remarkable multi-material construction that brings together exceptional qualities. It offers an impressive blend of fast ball speeds derived from high launch and low spin, a soft feel upon impact, and exceptional control around the greens. 

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

The Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls have earned our top spot for average golfers. and it was the best golf balls for average golfers. Callaway is renowned for producing exceptional golf balls, and the Supersofts are no exception. These balls are an excellent choice for golfers at the average skill level, offering impressive distance off the tee, accuracy on all shots, and a soft feel upon impact.

One standout feature of the Supersoft is its new Hybrid cover, which delivers enhanced ball speed, a high trajectory, and exceptional control around the greens. The ball is also equipped with Hex Aerodynamics, reducing drag and providing a higher launch for improved control on approach shots.

In addition, the Supersoft features a thick black line on the side, serving as a helpful putting alignment tool on the greens. Overall, it is considered one of the best golf balls on the market for average golfers, and it has been a popular choice among players for years.


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: White
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Weight: 1.4 Pounds

Key Features:

  • Hybrid cover with Paraloid Impact Modifier for fast ball speeds, soft feel, and excellent greenside control.
  • High-speed soft compression core for increased energy transfer, high launch, and low spin for longer clubs.
  • Hex Aerodynamics reduces drag and enhances lift for increased carry and higher flight.

The Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls offer a winning combination of performance and feel, making them an ideal choice for average golfers looking to improve their game.

2. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Experience the unparalleled benefits of the Contact Force Dimple Pattern, a one-of-a-kind design that maximizes surface contact by an impressive 38% upon impact. This remarkable dimple pattern not only enhances the length and straightness of your ball’s flight but does so consistently with every club in your golf bag.

Bridgestone Golf

Introducing the Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls, a remarkable choice that ticks all the essential boxes of optimal distance, soft feel, and ample greenside spin. What sets these golf balls apart is Bridgestone’s innovative Contact Force Dimple Pattern, which ensures a staggering 38% increase in surface contact upon impact. This unique dimple pattern not only enhances the ball’s flight by making it longer and straighter, but it also specifically caters to the average golfer.

With a soft core, these balls provide a pleasing sensation upon contact, offering a delightful feel. Bridgestone has also incorporated a sidespin reducing mantle, effectively minimizing the exaggerated hooks and slices commonly experienced with other brands. Furthermore, the e12 delivers ample greenside spin, making your short game more manageable. The Reactiv cover on this ball adds to its softer feel, particularly when putting.

Here are some additional details:

  • Brand: Bridgestone Golf
  • Material: Other
  • Color: White
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Weight: 454 Grams

Key Features:

  • CONTACT FORCE DIMPLE: Creates 38% more surface contact for efficient energy transfer.
  • STRAIGHT DISTANCE: Achieve longer and straighter flight with every club in your bag, including the driver.
  • IMPROVED FEEL: The softer core significantly enhances the overall feel on all shots.
  • REDUCED SLICE AND HOOK SPIN ON FULL SHOTS: Optimized aerodynamics, combined with a sidespin reducing mantle and core, minimize slice and hook spin.
  • MORE SPIN AROUND THE GREEN: Increased friction enables better spin around the green.
  • Professional Endorsements: Proudly represented by renowned golfers such as Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar, and Lexi Thompson.
  • #1 Ball Fitter in Golf claim based on the Golf Datatech Survey published September 28, 2021.
  • 2022 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Winner

Experience the extraordinary performance of the Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls and elevate your golfing game to new heights.

3. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls 2020

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls 2020

The 2020 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls offer average golfers a winning combination of distance, control, and feel. With reduced spin on longer shots and excellent short game control, these balls provide a satisfying and consistent performance. Trust in the renowned Titleist brand to enhance your game on the course.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Introducing the 2020 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, an exceptional choice from the most esteemed brand in golf ball manufacturing. When you choose Tour Soft, you can trust that you’re investing in a top-quality product.

Designed with the average golfer in mind, the Tour Soft golf balls deliver remarkable distance and a consistent ball flight. Titleist incorporates special technology into these balls, resulting in reduced spin when using longer clubs like the driver and fairway woods. This advantage is particularly beneficial for average golfers, who often struggle to control their shots with these clubs.

If you value short-game control and a soft feel, the Tour Soft is the perfect fit for you. These balls provide excellent control around the greens and offer a delightful sensation upon impact. Additionally, the Tour Soft features a convenient side stamp that aids in aligning your putts, eliminating the need to mark your golf ball with a permanent marker.

Here are some additional details:

Brand: Titleist
Material: Other
Colour: White
Age Range: Adult
Item Weight: 621 Grams ( total )

Key Features:

Longer Distance: Experience enhanced distance off the tee.
Responsive Feel: Enjoy a responsive and satisfying feel throughout your game.
Greater Short Game Control: Achieve better control and precision in your short game.
Penetrating Trajectory and Consistent Flight: Benefit from a penetrating ball flight and consistent performance.

Elevate your game with the 2020 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls and experience the exceptional quality and performance that the brand is renowned for.

4. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Experience the exceptional value of one of the market’s most affordable yet high-quality golf balls. The FastLayer Core, featuring a soft center that smoothly transitions to a firm outer edge, provides an unmatched combination of incredible softness and impressive distance off the tee.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Introducing the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, a testament to Srixon’s impressive journey in the golf industry since their inception in 2000. Renowned for their commitment to quality, Srixon has crafted an exceptional option that caters to a wide range of average golfers. It was called the best golf balls for average golfers.

The Soft Feel features a fast-layer core, combining ample yardage with a pleasingly soft feel on the greens. Srixon’s innovative 338 Speed Dimple Pattern holds the key to the ball’s extended distance. This pattern effectively reduces drag during launch and increases lift on the descent, maximizing overall performance.

With a soft and thin ionomer cover, these balls offer exceptional control for pitches, chips, and putts. The compressing rating of 60 makes them perfectly suited for average golfers with slower swing speeds.

Additional Details:

  • Brand: Srixon
  • Material: Ionomer
  • Color: Yellow
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Item Weight: 1 Pound

Key Features:

  • FastLayer Core: Transitioning from a soft center to a firm outer edge, the FastLayer Core provides a combination of softness and impressive distance off the tee.
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern: Designed to enhance overall distance and performance, the Speed Dimples minimize drag during launch and increase lift during descent.
  • Soft, thin cover: delivers enhanced greenside spin and a softer feel on all pitches, chips, and putts.

Experience the remarkable performance of the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls and enjoy the benefits of Srixon’s dedication to excellence.

5. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Experience the dynamic performance of the Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, where an aggressive core is skillfully complemented by a responsive cover. This perfect combination strikes a fine balance between explosive distance off the tee and a satisfyingly soft feel upon impact.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Introducing the Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, an excellent option for average golfers seeking exceptional value on the course. Priced at just a little over one dollar each, these balls offer outstanding performance at an incredibly affordable price, making them one of the most economical choices in the industry.

The Fifty Elites boast impressive attributes, including a responsive cover, low driver spin, and a soft feel both upon impact and around the greens. Wilson has achieved the perfect balance by combining a rubber core with a firm ionomer cover, ensuring optimal performance. With a compression rating of 50, these balls are specifically designed to cater to average golfers with slower swing speeds, delivering an ideal combination of distance and control.

Wilson, a reputable name in the golfing world for several decades, maintains unwavering quality in their products. Trust in the established legacy of Wilson as you elevate your game with the Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls.

Additional Details:

Colour: White
Age Range: Adult
Item Weight: 0.45 Kilograms
Sport Type: Golf

Key Features:

Advanced Rubber Cores: Deliver impressive distance with a high greenside spin.
Responsive Cover: Combines low-driver spin for powerful acceleration with effective softness.
Compression Rating: 50

Experience the exceptional value and performance of the Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, the perfect companion for average golfers seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

6. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Experience unparalleled value with Kirkland Signature golf balls. Offering exceptional performance at an incredibly affordable price, these balls feature a quality urethane cover that delivers impressive distance, excellent greenside control, and durability. Enjoy the freedom of playing without the fear of losing expensive balls, and elevate your game with the confidence of Kirkland Signature.

Kirkland Signature

Discover the unparalleled value of Kirkland Signature golf balls, which have earned the reputation of being the best budget-friendly option available worldwide. It is also the best golf balls for average golfers. with Kirkland Signatures, you can enjoy a golf ball that not only performs exceptionally but also features a quality urethane cover, all at an incredibly affordable price.

I personally experienced the impressive performance of Kirkland Signatures when I played with them at renowned courses like Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay. These balls deliver exceptional distance and effectively hold greens without excessive spin that compromises control.

Transitioning from a surlyn ball to the urethane cover of the Kirkland Signatures can make a significant difference. You’ll notice an increase in yardage, and the balls settle nicely where they land, even at higher swing speeds. Furthermore, these balls maintain their durability, even when struck with wedges featuring rough faces, outperforming many premium urethane balls. You can confidently play a full 18 holes with the same ball.

Ideal for mid-handicap golfers, the Kirkland Signatures offer high-quality performance with a urethane cover, all at a price point where losing a ball doesn’t cause frustration. The feeling of freedom that comes with not fearing the loss of a golf ball cannot be overstated. Interestingly, when you have that freedom, you tend to lose fewer balls. The Kirkland Signatures provide the gateway to that liberating feeling.

Experience the uniqueness of Kirkland Signature golf balls for yourself. I personally achieved impressive scores of 73 and 71 at Pebble Beach using Kirkland. You too can enjoy that same freedom. Be sure to check out the video on my channel for more details.

Additional Details:

Brand: Kirkland Signature
Material: Other
Colour: White
Age Range: Adult
Item Weight: 1.4 Pounds

Key Features:

3-piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball
Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
The high-performance ball was suitable for both recreational and competitive play.
Explore the remarkable performance and value of Kirkland Signature golf balls, and elevate your game without breaking the bank.

7. Wilson DUO Professional

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Elevate your game with the Wilson DUO Professional golf balls. Featuring a striking matte finish and advanced urethane cover, these balls offer exceptional spin and control around the greens. With a moderate compression rating and half the price of tour-level balls, the DUO Professional delivers professional performance without breaking the bank. 

Wilson DUO Professional

Introducing the Wilson DUO Professional golf balls, a hidden gem in the golf ball market. While Wilson may not receive as much attention as some other brands, their DUO Pro range offers impressive features and a unique matte finish that enhances both the look and feel of the ball. It was also called the best golf balls for average golfers.

My experience with the DUO Professional has been outstanding, and it’s no surprise that JMac from the channel is a big fan as well. These balls are reasonably priced and perform exceptionally well, thanks to their urethane cover that provides increased spin. JMac saw significant improvements in his wedge game and chipping, making these balls a game-changer for him. Previously, he played with Srixon Soft Feels, but it was time to level up his ball game.

With a compression rating of 60, the DUO Pro is designed for moderate swing speeds, offering a balanced performance. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons:


Matte colored urethane finish hides scratches better than traditional white balls.
Comparable features to tour-level balls at half the price.
“PROFESSIONAL” written on the side of the ball can aid alignment.
Moderate compression rating provides a softer feel and control.


Price falls in the mid-range, not as affordable as Kirkland balls.

Additional Details:

Material: Synthetic
Color: Matte Green
Item Weight: 1.35 Pounds
Sport Type: Golf

Key Features:

Ultra-thin cast urethane cover.
Mid-hardness ionomer mantle layer.
Soft feel with a higher spin on iron shots for control around the green.
Seamless 362 dimple pattern for enhanced distance and trajectory.
Wilson compression rating: 63.
Each unit includes 12 golf balls.

Experience the impressive performance and value of Wilson DUO Professional golf balls. With their unique matte finish, advanced features, and reasonable pricing, these balls are a great choice for golfers looking to elevate their game without breaking the bank.

8. Srixon Q-Star

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Experience golf like never before with the Srixon Q-Star. This exceptional ball, with its innovative features such as the Fast Layer Core for maximum distance and the Spin Skin with SeRM for enhanced control, will elevate your game to new heights. Enjoy the Tour-like feel and spin provided by the urethane cover, all at an unbeatable value.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Introducing the Srixon Q-Star, a top-notch golf ball that is highly recommended for mid-handicappers. It’s worth considering golf balls that offer enhanced visibility for average golfers. Opting for high-visibility colours like neon yellow or orange can make it easier to locate the ball on the fairway, potentially saving time and frustration during the round.

When it comes to premium-level three-piece balls, the Srixon Q-Star Tour offers unparalleled value within its price range. It has been called the best golf balls for average golfers.

Joe, a seasoned contributor to the site, has been a loyal advocate of this ball for years, even when it was known as the AD333 tour. From a high double-digit handicap to a 12-handicap player, Joe has experienced the consistent flight off the driver and the responsive feel off the putter that the Srixon Q-Star provides. Notably, he plays in the challenging cold and wet conditions of the UK, where this ball’s exceptional durability truly shines.

The Q-Star boasts a urethane cover, which sacrifices a bit of durability but compensates with near-tour-level spin on approaches and around the greens. If you are a proficient mid-handicapper regularly scoring in the 80s, this ball could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking to finally break the 80 mark.

With a low 75 compression core, the Q-Star minimizes spin on longer shots, enabling long and straight drives, especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Don’t waste your money on exorbitantly priced premium golf balls when the Q-Star Tour reigns supreme in Value Town.

Additional Information:

Brand: Srixon
Material: Ionomer
Colour: White
Age Range: Adult
Item Weight: 1 Pound

Key Features:

NEW Fast Layer Core: The ball starts soft in the centre and gradually firms up around its outer edge. This innovative Fast Layer design ensures exceptional feel and maximizes ball speed for impressive distance.

NEW Spin Skin with SeRM: The coating with flexible molecular bonds penetrates deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximizing spin and offering enhanced control and stopping power.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern: This advanced pattern reduces drag and increases lift, resulting in improved overall distance and accuracy, even in challenging wind conditions.

Two-Piece Construction with Ionomer Cover: The Q-Star features a durable ionomer cover, providing a Tour-like feel and spin.

Mid Compression of 77: The soft compression core reduces driver spin, allowing for more distance and accuracy off the tee.


Urethane cover for Tour-like feel and spin
Incredible value at an affordable price point
Long decal with arrow for easy alignment on the side of the ball
Soft compression core minimizes driver spin


Slight tendency for run on chip shots, but this may not be a significant concern for those who prefer bump and run shots.

9. Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls.

Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls

Elevate your golf game with the Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls. Stand out from the crowd with their vibrant matte colors, ensuring maximum visibility and enhanced focus on every swing. The soft core delivers impressive ball speed, allowing for remarkable distances off the tee and a soaring trajectory. With a super soft ionomer cover, you’ll experience superior control during your short game shots.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Introducing the Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls – a remarkable brand that revolutionized the golfing world with its striking matte colors. Stand out on the course with options like red, green, orange, and yellow, as these vibrant hues make it easier for golfers to focus on their swing. The core of these balls is soft, specifically designed to generate exceptional ball speed, resulting in maximum distances off the tee box and a soaring trajectory. Additionally, Volvik employs a patented dimple design that ensures a consistent and steady ball flight. It has been called the best golf balls for average golfers.

But that’s not all! The Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls boast a super soft ionomer cover, granting you heightened control over your short game shots. Comprising two pieces and featuring a compression rating of 75, these balls offer a fantastic combination of performance and feel.

Here are more details about the Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls:

Brand: Volvik
Material: Synthetic
Color: Red
Age Range: Adult
Item Weight: 1 Pound

Key Features:

High energy soft core with a soft feel and fast initial ball speed, allowing for maximum distance off the tee.

Superior driver distance with low spin and high launch.
Enhanced focus due to super visibility provided by the matte colors.
Optimal ball flight thanks to Volvik’s patented icosahedron dimple design, ensuring excellent flight stability.
Four matte color options for excellent visibility.

Experience the exceptional performance and striking appearance of the Volvik Vimax Soft Golf Balls, the perfect choice for golfers seeking unparalleled distance, control, and visibility on the course.

10. Vice Tour Golf Balls

Vice Tour Golf Balls

Elevate your golf game without breaking the bank with Vice Tour Golf Balls. This newer brand has taken the golf ball market by storm, offering a three-piece ball at an unbeatable price. Experience the softness, increased spin, and impressive stability of a premium golf ball, all at half the cost. With a 392-dimple design and a Soft Energy Speed Core, these balls deliver exceptional distance off the tee and a satisfying impact feel. 

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

The best golf balls for average golfers are designed with a soft cover to enhance feel and control, allowing them to better judge their shots and execute with precision. Introducing the Vice Tour Golf Balls, a game-changer in the golf ball manufacturing market. Despite being a newer brand, Vice has quickly gained popularity by offering a three-piece golf ball at an incredibly affordable price. While most premium golf balls cost around $4 per piece, the Vice Tour golf balls come in at just $2 per piece, delivering exceptional softness and increased spin without breaking the bank.

Featuring a 392-dimple design, these balls offer superior stability compared to other brands. The Soft Energy Speed Core provides impressive distance off the tee and a satisfying impact feel. Even on off-center shots, golfers are amazed by the minimal vibration. The Vice Tour golf ball excels in tough weather conditions, maintaining consistent ball flight and performance, even on windy days. Additionally, Vice adds its KIL (Keep In Line) putting line on the side, assisting you in aligning your putts with precision.

Here are more details about the Vice Tour Golf Balls:

Brand: Vice Golf
Material: Ionomer
Color: White
Age Range: Adult
Item Weight: 1 Pound

Key Features:

3-piece construction for optimal performance
392 aerodynamic dimple design for enhanced stability
Soft Energy Speed Core (ESC) for impressive distance and a smooth impact feel
Outstanding distance off the tee with minimum dispersion

Experience the remarkable quality and affordability of Vice Tour Golf Balls. Enjoy the benefits of a premium golf ball, including softness, spin, and consistency, while saving significantly. Elevate your game with Vice and unleash your full potential on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Balls.

Is the choice of golf ball important for an average player?
Certainly, the type of golf ball you choose does matter quite a bit if you’re an average golfer. While it’s not an absolute rule, most premium golf balls are designed for low handicappers who have faster swing speeds than the average golfer. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your golf ball matches your swing speed. For most average golfers, a soft golf ball that minimizes sidespin will be beneficial.

Do expensive golf balls make a noticeable difference?
The answer is both yes and no, depending on your skill level as a golfer. Average golfers typically won’t perceive a significant difference between an expensive golf ball and a cheaper one. This is because average golfers aren’t focused on shaping shots or stopping iron shots precisely. As a general guideline, we recommend that average golfers opt for a golf ball with a moderate price range. Leave the premium-priced golf balls to those with single-digit handicaps and save your money.

How to Select the Right Golf Ball for You

Still uncertain about selecting the right golf ball for your game? Here’s a concise checklist of factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

  1. Price: As mentioned earlier, premium golf balls like Titleist Pro V1 or Bridgestone B RX are more suitable for highly skilled golfers. Average players won’t notice significant differences between an expensive four-piece ball and a budget-friendly two-piece ball.

  2. Compression Rating: The compression rating is closely linked to swing speed. Golfers with slower swing speeds tend to perform better with low compression golf balls, while those with faster swing speeds may not achieve optimal distance with a lower compression ball.

  3. Spin Rate: Average golfers often struggle with accuracy, particularly with drivers and long clubs. A golf ball that minimizes sidespin can greatly benefit these players. On the other hand, advanced players require higher spin rates to shape shots on specific holes.

  4. Course Type: Consider the characteristics of the greens at your main golf course. Are they exceptionally fast? In that case, you may prefer a ball with reduced greenside spin. If the greens are slower, you might want a golf ball that offers as much greenside spin as possible.

Also, take into account the distance of the course. Is it particularly long? If so, selecting a golf ball designed for maximum ball speed can be advantageous. On the other hand, if the course is shorter, distance becomes less of a concern.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision when choosing the right golf ball for your game.

What Golf Balls Are Used By Professionals?

Which Golf Balls Do Professionals Use? When it comes to the golf balls used by professionals, certain brands have established a reputation for reliability. Understanding the materials used in these balls can assist you in selecting a suitable option, not only for tour players but also for your own game.

Titleist Pro V1:

Titleist Pro V1: This ball features a multi-layer construction with a polybutadiene core and an ionomer mantle. The cover material, exclusive to Titleist products, is a proprietary variation of thermoset urethane elastomer.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Notable professionals who have used Titleist Pro V1 include:

  • Rory McIlroy
  • Justin Rose
  • Webb Simpson
  • Tony Finau
  • Gary Woodland

TaylorMade TP5:

Pro golfers have shown a strong preference for the TaylorMade TP5 ball, thanks to its advanced 5-layer construction. The core is made of polyurethane, and it features multiple mantles made from standard Ionomer and HFM (High-Flex Material). The cover material is cast Urethane.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Prominent players who have used TaylorMade TP5 include:

  • Dustin Johnson
  • Rory McIlroy
  • Collin Morikawa
  • Jon Rahm
  • Matthew Wolff

Callaway Chrome Soft:

The Callaway Chrome Soft ball boasts a unique construction highlighted by its SoftFast core, which is a specific variation of polybutadiene. Its mantle incorporates Ionomer, and the cover is made with the proprietary material Graphene.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Professional players who have used Callaway Chrome Soft include:

  • Jon Rahm
  • Patrick Reed
  • Cameron Champ
  • Maverick McNealy
  • Matthew Wolff

Bridgestone Tour B XS:

This 3-layer golf ball from Bridgestone features a rubber and resin core designed with gradational compression. According to Bridgestone, the core is softer at the center and gradually becomes tougher. The mantle consists of a soft urethane material in conjunction with a specific type of Ionomer. The ball’s cover is made from a proprietary material called SlipRes, which enhances spin control through increased friction.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Professional players who have used Bridgestone Tour B XS include:

  • Fred Couples
  • Matt Fitzpatrick
  • Hudson Swafford
  • Charley Hoffman
  • Chez Reavie

Srixon Z-Star XV:

The Srixon Z-Star XV also employs a 3-layer construction but stands out from the average. Its core, utilizing Srixon’s proprietary technology, is soft and large. The core comprises rubber and synthetic materials, while the thin mantle is made of ionomers. The cover of this ball is crafted from urethane.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers (2023 Updated)

Professional players who have used Srixon Z-Star XV include:

  • Cameron Smith
  • Ryan Palmer
  • Ryo Ishikawa
  • Anirban Lahiri
  • Jhonattan Vegas

What is a Golf Ball Made of?

Golf balls are primarily composed of rubber or rubber-like materials. These materials, such as ionomers, urethane, zinc, titanium, and synthetic rubber, are used in different combinations to form the three layers of a golf ball. Some golf balls are designed with a single material and lack a mantle or cover, while others have a one-piece construction.

If you intend to use a non-name-brand golf ball, it is advisable to obtain permission from the management of your local golf course beforehand.

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