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Callaway Rogue Driver Review (2023 Update)

In 2023, Callaway will remain a top brand in golf equipment, and their drivers are no exception, with models like the Epic Speed and Big Bertha being known for quality. Among these drivers, the Rogue has piqued the interest of many golfers.

In this article, we will do a simple and deep Callaway Rogue Driver Review, which will help you understand why and how the Callaway Rogue Driver is one of the best Rogue Drivers for golfers.

Callaway Rogue: First Impressions

Upon first trying out the Callaway Rogue driver, I couldn’t help but notice how familiar it felt compared to other models from the same brand. This is definitely a positive aspect, as those who have used Callaway drivers before will feel comfortable with this one.

From a visual standpoint, I find the driver to be very attractive. The head is larger than its predecessors, which results in a bigger sweet spot. Additionally, it is slightly lighter than older Callaway models. Personally, I tend to prefer heavier drivers like the XR 16, but the difference in weight wasn’t significant and many people prefer lighter options anyway.

The most outstanding feature of the Callaway Rogue driver is its forgiveness, thanks to its improved jailbreaker technology. This technology has not only increased ball speed and distance but also allowed golfers to hit straighter and farther with less effort, resulting in lower scores.

How Did It Perform?

Having all the latest and greatest features, a comfortable feel, and an impressive sound mean nothing if the performance of a club falls short. Fortunately, that was not the case with this particular club, at least not in my experience.

Upon using it, I immediately noticed that my ball flight was much straighter than before. Typically, my driver tends to veer left to right (which can be manageable with the right skills), but for some reason, it straightened out considerably.

This improvement in straightness also led to an increase in distance, which was a definite bonus. Although it wasn’t a significant increase, it was certainly noticeable and made a positive difference.

Who’s it for/not for?

From my perspective, this club would be an excellent choice for golfers with a mid to high handicap who struggle with hitting straighter and longer drives. While that might seem like a broad category, it certainly made a significant difference for me, and I believe it could do the same for others.

What about low handicaps? While the Rogue may not have all the adjustability features found in the M3, I still believe it could be advantageous for scratch golfers. After all, many LPGA players have been seen using the Rogue, indicating that it has potential for even the most skilled golfers.

If you’re considering the Callaway Rogue driver, continue reading this review to find out if its jailbreak tech earns it a spot on our list of the best golf drivers and whether it’s worth adding to your bag.

Pros of the Callaway Rogue Driver:

  • offers more forgiveness than other Callaway drivers, making it easier to score lower on the course.
  • It sounds and feels great on impact, providing feedback on ball flight direction and boosting confidence in a golfer’s swing.
  • provides more speed and accuracy, allowing players to hit the ball farther and more precisely than before.
  • has a wider sweet spot that covers more distance than other drivers, helping golfers achieve more consistent performance.

Cons of the Callaway Rogue Driver:

  • Can be too light for some players, leading to inconsistent ball flight if the clubhead moves faster than the hands.
  • Does not have sliding weights, which limit players’ ability to adjust their shot trajectory.
  • Is relatively expensive compared to similar drivers, which may not be worth the cost for some golfers.

Improved Features of The Callaway Rogue Driver

In terms of improved technology, the Callaway Rogue driver has enhanced jailbreaker technology that offers exceptional forgiveness and increased ball speed and distance. This technology makes it a top contender for the best golf driver.

Discover the Improved Technology and Features of the Callaway Rogue Driver.

Callaway is renowned for producing top-quality golf equipment, and their drivers are no exception. The Callaway Rogue driver is an impressive addition to their line of drivers, boasting several advanced features.

Jailbreak Technology Takes a Leap on Previous Driver Models

The Callaway Rogue driver’s jailbreak technology is a significant improvement from its predecessor, the Epic Callaway driver. This advanced technology features lighter titanium bars connecting the crown and sole, leading to improved energy transfer and maximum speed at impact.

Triaxial Carbon Crown Offers More Efficiency

The Callaway Rogue driver’s triaxial carbon crown is bigger and better than previous Callaway drivers. The crown is lighter, redistributing weight into the head’s perimeter and increasing the moment of inertia (MOI). This feature offers more accuracy, distance, and forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for both amateurs and professionals.

X-Face VFT Offers More Flair

The Rogue driver also features the X-Face VFT technology, strategically distributing weight to increase ball speed, especially on off-center shots. Combined with jailbreak technology, the X-Face VFT adds more flair and produces faster ball speeds, offering better accuracy and consistency on drives.

Improved Metal Wood in the Boeing Aero Package by Callaway

Callaway has been using speed step technology for designing and building its metal woods for a while. However, the Rogue Driver takes it to the next level. The leading edge of the Rogue Driver is an upgrade from all its predecessors. The improved metal wood included in the Boeing Aero Package offers better airflow and faster clubhead speed. The advanced aerodynamic design boosts ball speed without compromising on accuracy or forgiveness for mis-hits.

Mild and Attractive Design

The Callaway Rogue driver has a sleek appearance that exudes confidence and greatness. It resembles the epic driver, but with better looks. The gloss black and carbon fiber crown look similar to that of the epic driver, but the Rogue Driver’s crown is slightly thinner. The triangular head of the driver has a 460CC size, and it is shorter from back to front than the epic driver, with a shallower face. It is also more stretched back than the epic driver.

The sole of the Rogue driver has a striking design, with blue accent color that is neither loud nor dull, making it look perfect. However, the gloss finish of the driver could do better as it shows marks and smudges.

Improved Sound and Feel

The Callaway Rogue driver offers an excellent sound and feel combination that has never been seen before in the same driver. In the past, golfers had to choose between distance and forgiveness versus sound and feel quality. With the Rogue driver, golfers can now have both performance and quality in one driver. Despite the amazing distance and forgiveness offered by the Rogue driver, it still has a good sound and feel. Hitting the sweet spot creates a satisfying and solid sound that is not too loud.

Improving Golfing with the Callaway Rogue Driver

Every new equipment released by Callaway presents an opportunity to address issues with existing models and enhance features. The Rogue driver is no exception, and it was specifically engineered to provide golfers with the following maximum advantages:

  • Increased distance
  • Improved forgiveness
  • Enhanced playability

The Callaway Rogue Driver Covers More Distance

The Rogue driver is an exceptional choice for any golfer as it covers more distance than the popular Epic driver. Regardless of your swing or the club’s configuration, the Rogue driver provides longer coverage. With a good ball flight, you can be assured that the driver will carry it all the way.

The Callaway Rogue Driver Has Improved Forgiveness

The Rogue driver is a hybrid long-range and forgiving driver, unlike its predecessors. Thanks to its advanced jailbreak technology, triaxial carbon crown, and VFT, most golfers only need a combination of steady direction and speed to make perfect shots. Callaway claims that the Rogue Driver performs better on mishits than the Epic driver.

Improving Playability with the Callaway Rogue Driver

While the Rogue Driver may be less workable than the Epic Driver, it has excellent playability, offering a satisfying experience with every hit.

It is worth noting that mid-to-high handicappers may prefer the Rogue Driver over “high swingers” due to its light stock shaft. Generally, the driver produces straight and fairly high ball flights.

Is the Callaway Rogue Driver Suitable for All Golfers?

The Rogue Driver is better suited for mid-to-high handicap golfers who require straighter and longer drives than golfers with high swings.

Naturally, fast/high swingers may encounter some difficulties using Rogue Drivers due to its lightness and higher spin resulting from their MOI. However, fast swingers can still enjoy the Rogue Driver using the loft and lie settings.

For high swingers, remember to adjust the loft and lie settings for your swing while using the Rogue Driver. It is recommended to use a 9° loft setting.

Low-handicap golfers may find it challenging to use the Rogue Driver because it lacks low handicap adjustments like the M3. Nevertheless, many low-handicap golfers still make use of it. You must use it for some time to get the hang of it.

Some Data For You

Currently, my optimal driver head is the Titleist 917 D3. Despite trying out multiple drivers and undergoing a proper fitting process, the Epic fell short due to my tendency to spin the ball too low, which led to suboptimal results in 2017. However, I recently conducted a test between the Callaway Rogue and my current driver, aiming to keep the shaft and loft as close as possible to my current setup in order to get measurable results.

Here are the numbers for each driver:

ClubBall Speed (mph)Total Spin (rpm)Launch Angle (degrees)Carry YardsTotal Yards
Titleist 917 D3150207513.3245266
Callaway Rogue152202413.9247268

While the differences in performance are not particularly significant, I did notice a 2 mph increase in ball speed, which is a common outcome of Jailbreak Technology. This led to a minor gain of approximately 2 yards in total distance. Overall, the Rogue outperformed the Epic for my swing, as the 14-degree launch and 2024 rpm spin were nearly perfect conditions for my swing speed.

Despite these favorable results, it’s worth noting that the Rogue did not surpass another industry-leading driver in these measurements. Nevertheless, these numbers are impressive for a club that was not specifically fit to my swing. By tweaking the weight options on the head and trying various shafts, I may be able to squeeze out even better performance.

Ultimately, while these results are informative, it’s important to keep in mind that I am just one golfer. Another player who was using a driver that wasn’t right for them and had the perfect shaft and head specs for the Rogue might see gains of 20–30 yards.

Final Thoughts: Callaway Rogue Driver Review 2023 :

if you’re a Callaway enthusiast, you will likely appreciate the new technology integrated into this driver. While it may come with a higher price tag, if you’re a frequent golfer, it’s certainly worth the investment. Additionally, if you’re a mid- to high-handicap player, switching to this driver could yield positive results, including straighter drives and increased distance. If you have any questions or comments, please share them with me. If you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to share it with others.

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